‘Uy’ skweyul (Hello) parents, guardians and students of the ABOUT program,

My name is Chad Jobe and I have the good fortune to be the Educational Coordinator at the ABOUT program at Woodlands school. We are collaborative, hands on, culturally rich learning center for students in grades 8-12.

The ABOUT program is happy to say that our daily walk/run program will continue our pledge to do 30 days of walking and talking. Students are reminded to bring appropriate foot wear and outwear.

  • Shawn O’Toole (VIU) is visiting ABOUT to discuss transitioning to post-secondary education this month.
  • Art mash Friday’s will begin April where we complete large – project based projects reflecting a variety of Social Justice issues.
  • Weekly exam practice sessions for Grade 12 who will be writing the English 12 provincial.
  • April is short story Month at ABOUT – we are completing a variety of fiction and non-fictional stories that reflect a variety of topics.
  • Professional firefighters Tom Krall, Troy Libbus and Steve Nicks are coming to present on April 3 2019 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Button blankets every Monday with Valerie Masterson.
  • VIU elder tea with Julie Ludwinowski (end of April)
  • Cedar brushing and smudging spring renewal at ABOUT (April)
  • April 19th ABOUT bottle drive and dump (bring bottles or call Chad and we will pick up your donations to raise funds)
  • April 19th – Good Friday NO SCHOOL
  • April 22nd – Easter Monday NO SCHOOL

The ABOUT program has begun a clothes closet for students and families. Our goal is to be able to supply dress and work clothes to students in need. If you have any donations please contact Michelle Krall (250-714-4882). We appreciate all the donations we have received already!

The arrival of Noel and Richie Brown’s amazing artwork has caused quite a stir at the Woodlands location and looks beautiful at our front entrance. There will be an official unveiling date that will be determined at a later day.

Chad Jobe