Want to attend Learning Alternatives?

Learning Alternatives works alongside students and families within the Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools district. Our programs are strategically crafted to provide assistance to students who have exhausted the resources available at their designated catchment area schools. Existing students within School District 68 can initiate a referral to Learning Alternatives through their respective catchment schools. Additionally, students who have not previously been enrolled in a Nanaimo Ladysmith school or have been absent from schooling for an extended duration may direct correspondence to Brett Hancock, Principal of Learning Alternatives, via email.


*As of September 2023, all Learning Alternatives programs  now operate at Woodlands Secondary School.

ABOUT – Alternative Based Opportunities United by Teamwork

Students can expect flexible scheduling and individualized supports as they work towards c

Intro To Trades (ITT)

The Introduction to  Trades (ITT) program provides students with a unique opportunity to

Ravens Lelum – Young Parent Program

Our course work focuses on financial stability, healthy relationships and raising children

Senior Learning Alternatives

Senior Learning Alternatives (SLA) has historically catered to students in grades 10 throu

Take A Hike

Take a Hike is a comprehensive Grade 8-12 alternative high school program designed to util

FLOW – Family Learning Outreach and Wellness

The FLOW program is meticulously crafted to offer social-emotional and mental health suppo

Nanaimo Correctional Centre

For more information on the Education Program at Nanaimo Correctional Centre, please conta