The 2020-2021 school year will be one that we will never forget.  I would like to share my goals for this school year:

  1. Keep You Safe
  2. Lower Your Anxiety About Our New Normal
  3. Make You Laugh
  4. Make You Feel Cared About
  5. Teach You Something

All in that Order

My career in education has allowed me to travel the globe and lead learning in eleven different countries.  These opportunities have helped shape my belief about what education should look like.  I believe that the quality of a school as a learning community is best measured by how effectively it addresses the needs of struggling students.  I promise every student, staff and family that there is nothing that I will not do to support students in need.

You will hear me use the words dignity, purpose and options.  I believe wholeheartedly this is what we need to provide all our students.  Here’s what those words mean to me:

Dignity – Students leave our programs knowing they have worked hard; knowing they have been challenged and found success.  They know and believe they have accomplished difficult goals.

Purpose – Students leave our programs knowing who they are; they know what they have to offer in this world.  They believe their contributions are important. 

Options – Students leave our program with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful beyond the walls of our school building.     

I will work hard every day to improve the life chances of our youth and I will never, ever give up on them.

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